10 Best Toys For 5 Year Old Boys and Girls

If you are looking to buy a gift for a 5 year old? Well, look no further. We have thoroughly researched and prepared this list of the best toys for 5 years olds below. We have included toys that boys and girls will love and play with for hours. Whether you want a gift for your five year old that will help them learn, play or both, you can find the best present for them below. So, let’s find out the best toys for girls and boys that are 5, shall we?

16 Piece Dinosaur And Activity Map Set


If your 5 year old is massively into dinosaurs, then this set is perfect for them. In this dinosaur set, they get an activity mat, nine dinosaurs and 5 trees. The mat is set out like a dinosaur zoo, and they have plenty of dinosaurs to fill this zoo, and all of their favourites too. Of course, they must be careful that the dinosaurs don’t break out of their enclosures, but that is where the fun starts with this dinosaur set.

Your five year old boy or girl will love this set. They have included all of our favourite dinosaurs to ensure that every kid will love playing with this. It is perfect for siblings or for a play date, and it will ensure that your 5 year old’s imagination will run just as wild as the dinosaurs did!

Smart Robot for Kids


We love this robot as it really grabs your kid’s attention and helps them learn. This robot is touch and voice-controlled, and so it can help your child learn these aspects of life that are becoming increasingly common, all while having loads of fun too.

So, your five year old can control how the robot moves with their voice or with three touch control sensors. They can speak with the robot, and the robot will talk back. This robot will provide hours of fun for a five year old, so it’s the perfect present. It is easy to learn, but the more your kid uses the robot, the more fun they will have.

Doctor’s Kit


What 5 year old doesn’t want to be a doctor? With this amazing doctor’s kit, any boy or girl can become a master of medicine. The kit has 35 pieces ranging from teeth to stethoscopes and more. There are plasters and syringes, and everything a five year old needs to make anyone in the home feel better.

While this doctor’s set is designed for maximum fun, it is also the perfect gift for a 5 year old that struggles with going to the doctors. They can become doctors for themselves and perhaps understand procedures a bit more too. For the 5 year old girl or boy that wants to be a doctor one day, this kit will provide hours of play and learning.

Action Camera for Kids


We could’ve picked loads of cameras for kids for this list, but we decided to choose an amazing action camera designed for kids. The reason is simple. This action camera is indestructible, pretty much. This means that even a five year old will struggle to break this camera. However, it also shoots fantastic video, and so they can capture amazing POV video of all of their adventures.

Not only is this a great present for a five year old, but it is also perfect for you too. You can watch their videos back and see their perspective of your holidays or days out. You can enjoy all of the experiences from their point of view. We love this action camera. Your five year old will have so much fun with it, and you’ll be able to relive their funniest moments afterwards!

Lego Airport Set


By getting this Lego set for your five year old, you are opening up one of the biggest world’s of imagination to your five year old. Once they have built this airport set and played with it for hours and hours, they will fall in love with Lego, and you will likely start a life-long adventure of building Lego sets and playing with them for hours.

In this Lego airport set, they get a plane, a fuelling station, a baggage cart, 6 Lego mini-figures and more. Your five year old has everything they need to create an airport and have hours of fun! Also, because this is Lego, they have very easy to follow build instructions for this kit, making it perfect for any five year old that loves to build, play and have loads of fun!

Augmented Reality Globe


An augmented reality globe may not seem like the perfect gift for a five year old girl or boy, but this globe is incredible. With the ORBOOT app and this globe, your child can travel the world and see all of the wonders from any country. In the box you get the globe, your child also gets a passport and the ability to travel anywhere in the world and see it like never before!

As the child rotates the globe, they can tap on a picture and information about an animal, a landmark or the country will pop up. This is all done on a tablet or smartphone. They can learn where places are and what is unique and awesome about that place. This has to be one of the best learning toys ever created and will provide hours of fun for any five year old.

Remote Control Robot Dinosaur


Well, dinosaurs have already appeared on our list of the best toys for 5 year old boys and girls, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that dinosaurs are here again. This time we have a robotic dinosaur that breathes fire and ice and has a missile launcher on its back too!

Of course, breathing fire and shooting missiles is very fun, but how does your child tame this dinosaur? Well, there are very easy to use programmable options on this dinosaur that can teach your five year old how to programme things. So, not only is this robotic dinosaur really fun, it will teach your five year old boy or girl how to programme things too. So, a robotic dinosaur that is super fun and educational too? Sounds like the perfect present for a five year old if you ask me!

Stilts for Kids


If you have ever witnessed a child see someone on stilts for the first time, you will know why we have found stilts for kids for this list of the best presents for five year olds. Any five year old that loves clowns will love these stilts. They are made of steel, and they are very stable too. You will need to supervise your five year old on these stilts, of course, but they have underarm supports to make learning these stilts very easy.

Whether your five year old is very active, loves clowns or just loves being taller, this is an excellent present. These stilts are quick to learn but will provide hours of endlessly fun. They are also brilliant for Halloween costumes and whatever else your kid may think of using them for!

Smart Angels Magnetic Tiles



We love Smart Angel Magnetic Tiles. They are so easy to build with, and yet your child can build worlds with them. They can build spaceships, towers, houses, trains, cars and anything else they can imagine. The best part about these magnetic tiles is that they just slot together so easily, but they are very secure. Your five year old won’t spend hours building a spaceship for it to come crashing back down to earth!

While these magnetic tiles are a lot of fun, and they are a lot of fun, they are also a learning tool. However, they are the best type of learning tool for a five year old. Your kid will love playing with these tiles so much that they will never know they are learning maths, science and tactile skills too. If you want your five year old boy or girl to have fun as they learn, these magnetic tiles are a fantastic present for them.

Shifu Plugo 3 in 1 STEM Pack



This Shiftu Plugo set comes complete with everything a five year old needs to have hours of fun while learning loads too! Well, apart from the app that powers all of the Shiftu Plugo toys, but that is free on the app store. This massive STEM pack allows a child to play along and learn with the app. They can learn new words, solve maths puzzles and delve into story-based challenges and so much more too. 

This is way more than just an app for kids, it is an interactive app that actually allows your child to have tactile fun while learning loads of new stuff. They will learn new words, how to spell them, how to do maths problems and how to solve puzzles too. What’s even better, is that Shifu is adding to the Plugo system all the time, so your kid will never stop learning with Plugo!

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