10 of the Best Digital Kitchen Scales

Digital kitchen scales come in all sizes and some shapes. Well, actually, some digital food scales can weigh food and liquids precisely while others can’t. Today, we’re looking at the best digital kitchen scales that have precision and accuracy by the bucket-load. 

Oh, and while the design isn’t too important when it comes to kitchen scales, many of the digital kitchen scales below also look great. If these can’t help you weigh-out the perfect cake mix or just the right amount of flour for your next batch of bread rolls, nothing can! Whichever digital scales you decide to grab from our list below, you’ll have the ultimate control of your ingredients for complex meals and bake-goods for years to come.

Our Picks for the 10 Best Digital Kitchen Scales 

Salter Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scales


Salter has been creating innovative kitchen tech since 1760. While these digital kitchen scales were not around in 1760. Salter has continued their innovation with a simplistic yet very handy piece of kitchen toolery that any baker or cook will love to use. These kitchen scales may look basic, but that is by design. The big digital display provides clear and accurate readings, and the spacious stainless steel base means that any jug or bowl can be used for precise measurements.

These Salter kitchen scales made this list because of the fantastic LED display. It is big and easy to read. Also, there are only two buttons on these digital scales. You can turn the scales on and off and zero them with one. And then switch between various metric and imperial measurements with the other. For quick, accurate measurements in the kitchen, these digital scales are excellent.

Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scales


These stainless steel cooking scales come with a bowl that you will constantly use, even when you aren’t using the scales. How do I know? Well, my partner and have these scales and the stainless steel bowl comes in extremely handy whenever we are in the kitchen. The bowl is big enough to measure flour for cakes and bread and mix most cake batters that we have made too.

Even better than the included bowl, though is the kitchen scales themselves. These pack a precise punch that any baker will love. You can use the included bowl or any other bowl of jug you have at your disposal with these scales. And zero in on the precise amount of ingredients that you need. These weighing scales aren’t splash-proof so care should be taken when measuring liquids, but these scales can be used to weigh Guinea Pigs, a benefit I am sure we can all use and enjoy!

AmazonBasics Kitchen Scales


These Amazon Basics digital kitchen scales rival the fantastic design of the first Salter weighing scales on our list. They have a huge LED screen, perfect for precise weighing tasks and they are very simple with only two buttons once again. These scales are very accurate, but they are also speedy too. If you don’t want to wait around while weighing out your ingredients, these scales are a great option.

Once again, these digital scales are not splash-proof, so care needs to be taken when measuring liquids. Still, for this exceptional price and incredible precision when weighing anything in imperial or metric, these digital scales will be extremely handy for the budding baker or creative cook. 

Salter Slim Design Kitchen Scales


Remember when we said that some of these kitchen scales will look as good as they perform? Well, these slim-line designer kitchen scales from Salter are the digital scales we had in mind. They take the precision that Salter is known for in the weighing world and throw in a wonderful design perfect for any kitchen.

Due to the design of these scales, there is a limit to the bowl size you can use. The surround of the scales is flush with the weighing surface, so really big bowls will not sit on the weighing surface. Still, these digital weighing scales come with a 15-year guarantee, classic design and the accuracy needed for any baking task. 

Uten Digital Food Scales


These digital kitchen scales also come with a stainless steel bowl that you will love to use throughout your cooking capers. However, it is also a fantastic way of measuring with these tremendous scales. These handy little digital scales are just a precise as the other scales on this list but have a few other features that bakers and cooks can’t seem to get enough of.

Firstly, these scales have an auto-zero function. While the scales are off, place your desired container on the scales, this will turn the scales on and zero them. Then, add your flour, TARE the scales once more (zero them), add more ingredients and so on. With the awesome stainless-steel bowl that comes with these scales, it is very easy to see the big digital read out too. So it’s near impossible to add too much flour, yeast, or rum to a mixture. If there can be too much rum in a mixture, of course!

Salter Digital Scales with 2-Litre Mixing Bowl


These Salter digital scales would’ve made our list just on their own. These scales are very precise and very easy to read thanks to the big LED display. Also, they have metric and imperial measurement functions for both liquids and solids. However, then Salter decided to include a fantastic mixing bowl with these already amazing scales. The mixing bowl has two pouring spouts and a rubber base.

So, you can measure your liquids in the bowl and then pour them into another mixing bowl. Or, thanks to the rubber base, just mix your ingredients in the bowl itself. With the addition of the mixing bowl to these already brilliant scales, Salter has made a very hard-to-beat set of scales right here.

GreaterGoods Classic Kitchen Scales


These slim-line scales from GreaterGoods are perfect for smaller kitchens or those wanting to save a bit of cupboard space. What these digital scales lack in size, they certainly make up for in precision, though. You can use these scales to measure grams and ounces quickly and easily. 

These scales are perfect for any baker or cook who works with very small quantities as they are accurate to one gram or 0.1-ounce increments. These classic kitchen scales are compact and easy to use, plus GreaterGoods is all about helping the planet and the people that call it home too! A company that is worthy of your support which makes some excellent digital scales too. 

Homever Kitchen Scales


Homever has created the perfect kitchen scales for bakers that want precision on all levels. If you want to weigh out all your ingredients for a cake and have the option of 6 measuring units, you can. If you’d also like a very easy to use Tare function, you get it with these scales. Plus, you can also use the ruler-type measurements on the edge of these digital scales to measure your icing, pastry or whatever else to further the precision of your baking.

Homever has really thought of everything that a baker could need to be precise while exploring their passion for baked goods with these digital scales. They are incredibly easy to use and will add a lot to your baking arsenal!

Meromore Kitchen Weighing Scales


These digital kitchen scales may seem quite basic, but they can add a lot to your cooking or baking. These glass scales are tempered and a lot more forgiving with splashes of liquid than other types of digital scales. Perfect for those of us who love measuring everything precisely.

What’s more, these weighing scales have an accuracy of plus or minus 1 gram (0.1oz), and you can measure in 5 different measuring units too. These weighing scales are very nicely made, very simple to use and will help with all manner of cooking or weighing tasks you can throw at them.

Musuo Digital Kitchen Scales 


These digital kitchen scales have been designed to pack a punch when you are baking or cooking, but they are also slim enough that they don’t take up too much space in a drawer or cupboard. So, if you have a smaller kitchen, these weighing scales will be your best friend. They are very accurate, very modern, yet traditional in their design and come with rechargeable AAA batteries too.

With all the features that kitchen scales need plus very simple to use buttons a big LED display and more, these kitchen scales will quickly be the only scales you use to measure your ingredients for baking or cooking.

Well, there are certainly some fantastic kitchen scales on our list. If we were to choose some kitchen scales from this list though, we’d choose the Salter digital kitchen scales that we featured first. The big base suits using any sized bowl and the big digital readout makes precise measurements nice and easy. Don’t forget to explore our cookware articles some more. We have loads of fantastic cookware on here that will help you grow and learn as a passionate home cook or baker.

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