10 of the Best Drones with 4K Cameras

Drones are an incredible tool. Nowadays, you can earn money with drones, you can race them, you can shoot incredible videos and grow your social media page all with a drone. That is, as long as you find the best drone for your needs. A good quality drone with an excellent camera can provide hours of fun and a lot more too. A drone should ideally have a camera that can shoot in 4K. The footage that a 4K drone can shoot is breathtaking and really takes your videography skills to the next level. If you’re looking for the best drones with 4K cameras in the UK, you can find them below.

Our Picks for the Best Drones with 4K Cameras

BAOD 4K Drone 


This fantastic 4K drone is the perfect place for a beginner to start shooting drone footage. The drone is very easy to fly, the controller links to your smartphone for a first-person view while the drone is in flight. It also has a wide-angle lens that shoots 4K images and 1080p video. With a new firmware update, this drone can now fly about 800m further from the controller than it once could. Plus, there are loads of other awesome features like waypoint flying and gesture controls at the touch of a button. 

If you’re a beginner in the drone world, this drone will grow with you and will allow you to push the limits of video making. Touted as the drone for photography for its long-time flight time and 4K photo capabilities, this is an excellent drone for capturing the world around you like never before. 

Holy Stone HS720E 4K Drone 


Holy Stone is quickly becoming a massive name in the drone world. This 4k drone from them shows why perfectly. This has a 4k camera with anti-shake built-in. The camera is made with a Sony sensor too, so you can depend on the quality while shooting incredible photos and videos. With the ability to take 1080p video at 60fps and 4K video at 30fps, it is among of the best drones with camera.

The Holy Stone drones are packed full of features like easy to use hover stabilisation, for example. This can be used indoors and out for a very professional looking video. Also, there are advanced flight controls, so even a professional drone flyer can get a lot from this drone. At the same time, a beginner will find the standard controls very easy to learn and grow with.

DJI Mavic Air – Fly More Combo


DJI is the biggest name in drone technology for a good reason, they make fantastic, easy to use drones with some of the best cameras on the market. The Mavic Air is no exception to this either. This drone has a 3 axis gimble that keeps the camera extremely steady as it shoots pictures and records in 4k.

This version of the Mavic Air is all about more time in the air. So, the drone comes with three batteries, spare propellers and a battery charger for three batteries. With the batteries in the box, this drone can fly for over an hour and a half and capture some breathtaking video while the controls make it very easy for you to shoot that video.

Potensic Dreamer 4K Drone


The Dreamer from Potensic has a very impressive battery life of 31 minutes per battery. It also has all the features a drone could need to make it very easy and fun to fly. Features like the return to home function, for example. When the battery of your drone is running low, it will turn around and head back to the controller. This is an excellent feature for drone beginners and pro drone flyers alike.

All the motors on this drone are brushless to ensure they last years of flying time. Plus the gimble keeps the camera very stable as you shoot 4K images and videos. This drone is a joy to use and makes capturing videos from high above the world effortlessly easy and fun.

Le-Idea Idea21, 4K Drone


This 4K drone comes complete with a GPS tracker. A 5G wifi network that will always keep your phone and the controller connected to the drone. Plus a fail-safe return to home feature in case the battery levels get low, or the drone does fly out of range of the controller.

What’s more, this drone also comes with an indoor and outdoor mode and plenty of other modes to ensure you get the best footage possible. Take stunning aerial images and videos with this drone, whether you are a beginner or pro.

Tomzon D25 Mini, Foldable 4K Drone


We love this drone because it is seriously compact, it folds into a tiny case that has enough room for the drone, two batteries (which are supplied) and the controller. You can take this drone anywhere and capture aerial footage of your adventures. Each battery provides 24 minutes of flight, and there are plenty of features to help you grow as a drone pilot and videographer.

Whether you want a drone for filming YouTube videos, social media, or you want to earn money with your drone, you can with this one. You can capture incredible 4K footage with this drone really easily and take and video project to the next level.

Eachine E520 Drone with 4K Camera


The E520 from Eachine provides a 120-degree field of view in stunning 4K. It is a foldable drone that is nice and compact and will easily fit inside a backpack in its case. Just connect the controller to your phone, and you’ll be flying in no time.

Unlike other drones that have quite a steep learning curve when you begin flying, this one doesn’t, it is very easy to set up and use. However, the drone also has plenty of advanced features that will allow you to grow and push your videos to the next level. The E520 is compact, easy and fun to use with plenty of tools to help you get the most out of the 4K videos and images it can shoot.

4DRC M1 Foldable 4K Drone



This drone has four brushless motors that power the propellers. This means the motors are nice and quiet while recording, but powerful and very robust. This drone has plenty of built-in features to further your video making too. With features like the ‘follow me’ function that you can quickly set up and have the drone follow you as you cycle, walk or run.

This drone has a flight time of 30 minutes per battery and, of course, 4K video and images too. Plus, a 5G wifi network so your phone and the controller will always stay connected to the drone while in flight. For the price, this drone has some incredible features and makes making videos really easy and enjoyable. Plus, with a range of 1600 metres, you can do a lot with this drone.

Eachine EX5, Lightweight, Foldable 4K Camera Drone


The EX5 is another fantastic drone from Eachine. It has a 4K camera and is ultra-lightweight. Thanks to the weight of this drone, you can enjoy 60 minutes of flight time with the batteries supplied with it. It comes with a handy case that holds both batteries, the charger and the controller.

Setting up with this drone is nice and simple too. Just connect your phone to the controller, and you can quickly start up the drone and get it in the air. From there, there are plenty of video making features on this drone (follow me, gesture controls and return home functions, for example) that make video and image capture, easy and fun. With this drone, you can make stunning images that will look beautiful on social media, YouTube and more.

Tomzon D65 GPS Drone with 4K Camera


Tomzon makes some incredible drones, and this foldable, 4K drone is no exception. It comes with a very easy to use controller, two batteries and a case that holds it all. Pack the drone into the case, throw it in your backpack, and you can enjoy making drone videos anywhere in the world easily. The two supplied batteries offer 80 minutes of flying time. During which you can capture breathtaking 4K images and videos with plenty of features that make shooting videos with this drone easy and enjoyable.

You will be amazed at what this little drone can do. The shots that owners of this drone have taken are wonderful. Whether you want to add drone shots to your YouTube videos or create a business with your drone, the D65 from Tomzon is a fantastic choice.

We hope you found the droids (drones) you were looking for on our list. All of the drones above are fantastic tools at furthering your video making skills and adding a lot of style to a social media clip. They are perfect for taking on a once in a lifetime adventure as they allow you to see that adventure from a point of view that you never could otherwise. Don’t forget to explore our website further for more amazing gadgets!

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