10 of the Best Gifts for 9 Year Old Boys

At 9 years old, boys are already very independent. They have developed a wonderful character and are very creative thinkers that love to imagine and solve problems. Buying a present for a 9 year old boy is fantastic. Find the right present and that 9 year old will play with it for weeks. They will create worlds in their mind and use that gift as a tool in their world-building.

Buying the perfect present for a 9 year old boy isn't always easy. You want to find a toy that will capture their imagination and allow them to grow and have fun. The perfect toy may also help them learn as they have fun too. Well, this is why we've searched the internet to find the best gifts for 9 year old boys. Below, you'll find the best toys for boys that will spark creativity, help them learn and become superheroes! So, if you're looking for the best toys for a 9 year old boy, you'll find the perfect gift below!

Our Picks for the 10 Best Gifts for 9 Year Old Boys

My World - An Interactive Map


If the 9 year old boy you're buying a present for is really into exploring the world, this interactive map is perfect for them. It is an excellent game for the boy and the entire family. There are over 1000 facts about countries around the world and interesting information about animals and famous buildings right on the map.

With this interactive map, your 9 year old can find out where penguins and whales live. They can learn the capital cities of all the countries and the flags too. If your 9 year old boy loves geography, this is a very engaging gift that they will love! When they first get this amazing map, they can play with it on the floor, but you can also hang it on their wall, so it's always there to excite their mind.

Syma Remote Control Helicopter


What 9 year old boy doesn't love helicopters? One problem with buying toys like this for 9 year old boys is that learning how to fly them can be frustrating and challenging. However, this innovative little helicopter is very easy to learn how to fly. It can hover automatically and has built-in flight stability so just about anyone can fly it, even parents!

This helicopter is also made from metal, so if your 9 year old boy does crash it, it will likely survive the ordeal. If your 9 year old boy wants to become a helicopter pilot, this will make all their birthday and Christmas wishes come true at once! It's very easy to fly, but extremely fun too.

Kids Kindle


My 9 year old nephew loves reading. When we got him a Kindle for his birthday, he was over the moon. The kid edition of the Kindle is geared towards reading and reading alone. There are no ads, no games and no videos. This isn't a kids tablet, this is a reading device. When you purchase the Kids Kindle, Amazon gives you a free one-year subscription to Kids Plus. With this, your kid can enjoy thousands of amazing books, even Harry Potter!

This Kindle also comes with a kid-friendly cover (a very tough cover that even a 9 year old boy will struggle to destroy). If your 9 year old loves reading, this is the perfect present for them. It provides a way of focusing on the stories they love but helps them learn how to use technology too.

Kids GPS Watch – The Perfect First Smartwatch


If your 9 year old boy is already grown up and wants a phone for Christmas or their birthday, but you aren't ready for them to have a phone yet, this is an excellent alternative. This smartwatch for kids allows them to send you text and voice chats and you to do the same. It has a small phone book that can store 10 numbers, and so they talk with their friends too.

Of course, this smartwatch also has loads of built safety features that will keep your child safe too. Firstly, it has built-in GPS, so you can see where your child is. It also has an 'electronic fence' you can set a parameter, and if your child moves out of that parameter, you'll get a text. This child's smartwatch is packed full of features that your 9 year old boy will love, but it helps you keep them safe too, even if they are the most adventurous 9 year old in the world!

Professional Telescope for kids


If your 9 year old boy is fascinated by space, getting them a telescope would make them so happy. However, most telescopes made for children aren't that good, this one is exceptional, though. This is a professional telescope that is really easy to use. Still, it will allow your boy to enjoy crisp and clear images of the night sky.

This is a very impressive telescope that is made for children from 5-16 years old, so it's the perfect telescope to grow up with. For a 9 year old boy who’s interested in space, this telescope will bring planets closer and allow them to explore space like no other kid's telescope on the market.

Lego City Passenger Train


9 year old boys love trains and so getting a nine year old boy a train set is the perfect gift. Or is it? You see, with a normal train set, a boy gets to play with the trains and create an interesting world surrounding the train. This is great, of course, but this Lego train set offers a bit more.

With this train set, your 9 year old boy can build the train, then the world it lives in. They can use their other Lego sets to create a massive world for this train to explore and further their creativity like never before.

Hot Wires – An Electronic Kit for Kids


Hot Wires allows your child to create over 100 safe electronic experiments. The kit includes electronic components that snap together to create lights, sounds and discs that will fly around the room! There are thousands of ways of putting Hot Wires together so your child will always be able to experiment no matter how often they play with this toy.

Hot Wires allows a creative mind to grow, learn and have fun. For an inquisitive 9 year old boy, that makes it the best gift ever! Plus, because Hot Wires snaps together easily, it really minimises the frustrations and just allows them to play and explore.

Hot Wheels City Garage, includes loops and sharks!


What 9 year old boy doesn't love Hot Wheels? But when their Hot Wheels set is a massive city garage with loops, a lift and sharks, it's always going to be a winner! Why is there a shark in the middle of a city garage? Well, that will be a question for your child as they begin to create a world around this garage and play with cars!

If your 9 year old boy already has loads of the mini diecast Hot Wheels cars, this garage is the perfect present for them! They can build worlds, defeat sharks and even park a few cars as they endlessly play with this huge Hot Wheels set!

Marvel Avengers Iron Man Armour Hall of Fame


Tony Stark would love this Lego set and so would any 9 year old fan of Iron Man! In this amazing set, you get 6 Iron Man armours, a couple of bad guys for Iron Man to save the world from and Dummy! That's right, the robot from the films that isn't too helpful is included in this amazing Iron Man Lego set.

To say that any 9 year old boy would love this Iron Man Lego set is an understatement. They will have so much fun being Iron Man and saving the world from the bad guys! This is the ultimate present for a 9 year old boy!

Smart Angels Magnet Tiles


These magnet tiles are an excellent gift for a 9 year old who wants to create worlds, explore shapes, make castles, and so much more. With these magnetic tiles, your 9 year old boy can build whatever they like. They can create complex shapes easily thanks to the magnetic corners. Also, the magnets in these tiles make structures very strong, but it's easy to dismantle and start building all over again.

If your 9 year old boy is very creative, these tiles take this creativity and run with it. They are a wonderful toy that allows your child to build spaceships, enemy layers, superhero homes and whatever else they can think of!

Well, there's our list of the best gifts for 9 year old boys. These gifts will help further your kid's imagination, creativity and allow them to play every day. They can learn and have fun with all of these amazing toys!

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