10 of the Best Kitchen Storage Containers

There are plenty of kitchen storage containers on the market. However, not all can provide the ultimate kitchen storage solution. If you’re looking for storage containers that can help you sort out your cupboards or fridge, check out our fantastic list of kitchen storage containers below. We have all of the food storage containers you need to effortlessly sort and store all kinds of foods.

Our picks for the Best Kitchen Storage Containers

GoMaihe 150ml, Glass and Bamboo Storage Jars


This is a set of 12, 150ml glass jars with bamboo lids. They are the perfect kitchen storage containers for coffee, tea, rice and baking ingredients too. Each of the 12 glass jars comes with a lid that has an elastic collar to ensure a strong seal. What’s more, each of the storage jars is made from a tough glass that is very easy to clean too.

If you’re looking for food storage solution in your kitchen that helps the environment while helping you keep track of your pasta and baking ingredients, these are it. These are very well-made storage jars that are built to last and will provide you with a solid storage solution in your kitchen. Plus, with 12 jars and lids in this kit, you’ll have all of the jars you need to finally sort your cupboards out for good!

Chef’s Path Airtight Food Container Set


Chef’s Path makes some excellent storage containers for the kitchen, and this won’t be the last time that Chef’s Paths is mentioned on this list. This particular set of food storage containers are perfect for flour, pasta, cereal and a great deal more. All told, you get seven storage containers in this set: two small storage containers, two mini ones, two medium and one large.

This gives your plenty of storage options. You can use the largest container for cereal or spaghetti and the others for sugar, sweets and whatever else you can think of. The lids that come with these food storage containers are built to last and seal really well. They are also the same lid for each sized container, so the containers are stackable too. Finally, this container set comes with a marker and labels to help even further with sorting out your cupboard or fridge.

Tiawudi Airtight Food Storage Set


Tiawudi listens to its customers and has improved the functionality of their lids recently. This means that these are now a fantastic option for anyone looking to sort out their cupboards or fridge. You get seven food containers in this set with very strong lids that provide an excellent seal.

The seal is made from silicone and is easily removable when you want to wipe the containers down. However, it still provides a very strong seal while in use. All of the boxes are stackable, and the lids can be used on all of the containers too. A lovely touch with these storage containers is the ring on each lid. It allows for easy lifting, but it folds away to ensure that all of the containers fit nicely into your cupboard too.

Cereal Container Storage Set


If you want to keep your cereal stored securely and never experience soft cereal again, this set of cereal containers from Chef’s Path is the perfect option. Of course, Chef’s Path designed these for cereal, but they have many uses. If you some baking, these containers can be used for flour and all of your larger quantities of baking goods. Also, the addition of the labels and marker with this kit makes for quick identification of all your ingredients.

Finally, these cereal containers, that are way more than just cereal containers, come with a set of baking spoons to that will provide accuracy during any baking task. So, while Chef’s Path certainly designed these as cereal containers, these secure, sealable storage containers offer you so much more and will be a great addition to your kitchen cupboards.

U-Miss Food Storage Containers with Lids


These food storage containers can hold 1 litre of ingredients. You get six in this set along with labels and markers to quickly identify your baking ingredients or whatever you decide to store in these containers. If you don’t have too much space in your kitchen cupboards, you can use these small containers that are stackable and sealable to store pasta, dry ingredients and sweet treats too.

These containers are airtight and come with a silicone seal that is removable for easy cleaning. They also have a handy ring to carry the boxes while in use. This ring does fold away, though, so you can always stack these containers on top of each other in the cupboard and save some much-needed cupboard space.

Chef’s Path Airtight 14pc Food Container Set


We told you that Chef’s Path would appear more than once on this list. That’s because Chef’s Path has some of the best kitchen storage solutions available in the UK right now. This 14-piece food storage container set is perfect for sorting out your food cupboards. You get an array of different sized containers in this set to store coffee, tea, sweets, pasta and any baking ingredients you like.

If your cupboards are overflowing with food and you really need a storage solution, this is it. With these stackable, airtight containers, you can store a surprising amount of food in a very small space. Again, like all of the Chef’s Path containers on this list, these come with a marker and some labels to help you keep track of everything. These also come with a measuring spoon set to further your baking.

Wildone Plastic Cereal Container Set


I’m confident that you’ve seen these cereal containers before. These were very popular ways of storing cereal in my youth, and we used them for years in my family home. These robust plastic cereal containers will keep your cereal (or anything else) crunchy and secure for months.

The larger openings on these cereal containers have very strong clips that will stand up over time. Both the pouring opening and larger opening also have silicone seals that protect whatever you store in these containers from moisture too. These containers also come with a measuring jug to ensure that you can have the right amount of cereal each morning that is crunchy and delicious.

Invero Dry Food Storage Containers


This set of 4 food containers are a bit different from others on this list. These food storage containers are designed for any type of dry food (they work great for dog food and nuts, though). Where these differ is that these food storage containers are designed to be used a lot. They have an angled lid that allows you to effortlessly get a spoon, cup or measuring jug (or the supplied scoop) into the ingredients inside.

These containers are stackable and have an excellent seal on them, but they are also designed for a lot of use in the kitchen. You can take these containers out of the cupboard, measure out baking goods or dog food, and then pop them back in easily. These food containers are very cleverly designed for a busy kitchen.

Genicook Glass Food Storage Containers


These food storage containers have a very classic look. Still, while most manufacturers make these storage containers out of plastic, Genicook decided to push the boat out and make these ones out of glass. This means that these food containers are easy to clean and will last a lot longer than the plastic ones.

You get 18pcs in this container set. All of the glass containers have a silicone seal, they are also freezer-proof, and you pop these in the microwave and oven too. These may be fantastic for storing your baking ingredients in the cupboard, but they also amazing for food prep and a great many other things too.

George Oliver Food Storage Containers


This set of five food storage containers are an excellent choice for anyone needing more room in their cupboards. If you have a small kitchen or want some containers for your caravan, motorhome or for camping, these are excellent. In this five-piece container set, you get a few different sizes that are perfect for baking ingredients, pasta, cereal, coffee and loads more.

These are the best food storage solution if you live in a small place or want to take food with you camping or caravanning. These storage containers will keep your food fresh and safe on your travels but can also help you sort your kitchen cupboards out once and for all!

Well, there’s our list of the best food storage containers in the UK right now. For more info on kitchen gadgets that can help with common food storage and prep problems, explore our website further. We have all of the kitchen gadgets you need to bake, roast or boil up a storm! Whether you’re looking for the best kitchen gear to get you started in your first kitchen or the cookware that the pros cannot live without, you’ll find it all right here! 

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