10 of the Best Lego Star Wars Sets You Can Buy in 2020

If you love Lego, and who doesn't, and you love Star Wars, again, who doesn't? Then combining these loves just makes sense. These fantastic Lego Star Wars kits are brilliant for kids and passionate adults as well. Some of the Lego Star Wars sets below are meant for adults more than kids, but most will bring kids, adults, grandmas and droids hours of fun. There are no Jar Jar Binks Lego sets below, but there are some fantastic Star Wars Lego sets perfect for any true fan! 

Our picks for the Best Star War Lego Sets of 2020

Lego Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Starship


With the recent worldwide success of The Mandalorian, we all knew that Lego was going to create some stunning toys from this series. The Mandalorian bounty hunter starship set is just breathtaking. This Lego set is very easy to construct, yet it will provide hours of fun! Also, you get three Lego mini-figures in this set, including the little guy that most of us love from the show! 

Star Wars and Lego go hand in hand and have done since the very first films. If you love The Mandalorian and the bounty hunter, this Lego set is just perfect for you. Kids will love this Lego set just as much as adults. It is designed to be played with, but the bounty hunter would also look great on a display shelf too. 

Lego Sith Tie Fighter Set


When you want to go into battle in space, you need to pick a side, and this Lego Star Wars set makes you choose. This Sith Tie Fighter has incredible detail but is still very simple for a child to put together. Once all of the space fighting is complete, your kid can display this Tie Fighter on the docking station and get ready for the next battle.

Of course, this Tie Fighter does need a pilot, and so you get three Lego mini-figures with this Lego set. If you combine this Star Wars Lego set with the X-Fighter set too, you can battle it out like never before with very easy to put together, but devastating fighters!

Lego BrickHeadz Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian set


This isn't necessarily a Lego Star Wars set. Of course, it is Star Wars, and it is Lego, but this set isn't to be played with. Lego BrickHeadz is a collectable item. If your kid or big kid loves The Mandalorian, this Lego set is one of the best things you could get for them. In this kit, you get two Star Wars Brickheadz, Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian!

Baby Yoda comes complete with his hoverpram, and The Mandalorian has all the firepower he needs to protect young Yoda during their adventures. For any Star Wars fan, this Lego kit will perfectly complete their collection. Once again, this Lego kit is very easy to put together so children will love it just as much as adult Star Wars fans!

Lego Star Wars Armoured Assault Tank Set


If The Clone Wars were your jam, then you can recreate the battles from it with this incredible Star Wars Lego set. This armoured assault tank is perfect for the 501st Legion versus Battle Droid battles. This armoured assault tank comes with plenty of firepower, and some Lego figures to use the firepower too.

In a Star Wars fan's hands, this Lego set can take on the world! The turret rotates and features two spring-loaded cannons to really make the battles exciting. Plus, it comes with Lego's very simple instructions, so it's perfect for children above seven. If your child loves Star Wars, this set will bring hours of fun!

Lego Star Wars Anakin's Jedi Interceptor with R2-D2 


This Star Wars Lego set has so many amazing features that any Star Wars fan will love. Firstly, it is Anakin's Jedi Interceptor. That alone should get any Star Wars fan excited. However, in the box, you also get a Lego Anakin and a Lego R2-D2! Anakin also comes complete with his own lightsaber and the Interceptor has a spare ammo clip for the two spring-loaded cannons.

This Interceptor, Anakin and R2-D2 are certainly ready for battle. However, this Lego set is rated for children above 7, so it's nice and safe and easy to put together too! If your child wants to experience a Star Wars battle and be at the forefront of that battle, they need Anakin, R2-D2 and this Interceptor for help!

Lego Baby Yoda


The moment we saw this incredible Star Wars Lego collectable, we knew it has to be on our list! This Star War kit is certainly not for play with, but it will make any Star Wars fan's dreams come true. This is a Baby Yoda collectable. The details that Lego has included in this set are simply stunning. The child looks so sweet and cute, and yet, he is still very powerful! 

If you love The Mandalorian, this Lego set is a must! It is the perfect Lego collectable for any Star Wars fan. You also get a Baby Yoda mini figure too, which is just as sweet and cute! This Star Wars collectable set form Lego is rated for children 10 years and up. While any Star Wars fan will love this set, as we said, it's not for playing. Still, it will make a fantastic display in a kid's room. 

Lego Star Wars AT-ST Raider Vehicle with Firing Shooters


Who doesn't love an AT-ST Raider? Especially one that comes with two firing shooters and some amazing figures from The Mandalorian. Your Star Wars fan can immerse themselves in the Star Wars world with this Lego set. It is very simple to put together but will offer hours of play.

As this is a Lego set that is intended to see combat, you may think that the details are an afterthought. However, the details on this AT-ST Raider are simply incredible. It may be ready for battle, but it certainly wouldn't look out of place in a Star Wars collection either. So, whether you have a Star Wars mega-fan that wants to battle the Sith, or you have a Star Wars fan that wants to collect all of the amazing Lego kits they can, this is perfect!

Lego Star Wars 501st Legion Clone Troopers Set


We have already mentioned the 501st Legion with the fantastic armoured assault tank above. However, the 501st is back and ready for even more battles. In this Lego set you get an AT-RT Walker, Clone Troopers and Battle Droids. You have everything you need to create a proper Star Wars battle scene in this kit.

The Battle Droids are slightly outnumbered by Clone Troopers, but don't let that stop you. These Droids are tough cookies and will be able to defeat the Troopers in their Walker. This set provides hours of fun for any Star Wars fans. It looks great on a display shelf, but is designed for battle and is ready to be put into combat, after you build it, of course! 

Lego Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet Display


This is another Lego Star Wars set that we had to include in this list because it is simply stunning. Just like the Baby Yoda collectable above, this will look amazing in any Star Wars collection. Of course, this is a Lego Star Wars Storm Trooper helmet. It will always amaze us how much detail Lego put into these things. They have perfectly captured the look of a Storm Trooper in this kit.

Of course, this Lego Star Wars collectable isn't for play, but for any hardcore Star Wars fan, it is a must! How can you look at this Star Wars collectable and not want it? It is a breathtaking piece of Star Wars art that will look amazing in your office, bedroom or anywhere else you can think to put it!

Lego Star Wars Resistance A-Wing Starfighter building set


Finally, we have an A-wing Starfighter from The Rise of Skywalker movie. This A-wing features an opening cockpit, wingtip cannons that fire and retractable landing gear. All of this means that this A-wing is ready for battle! It also comes complete with two Lego figures too. You have Snap Wexley with his blaster pistol and Lieutenant Connix with his blaster too.

So, it's safe to say that this A-wing and both pilots are ready to battle any Storm Troopers that may come their way. Of course, this Star Wars Lego set is the perfect thing for kids that want to dive headfirst into the Star Wars universe.

We hope these Star Wars Lego sets have inspired you to head into combat, defeat the Sith and build some stunning Star Wars displays. Please explore our website further for more Star Wars collectables that are the perfect present for any Star Wars fans. We also have other toys and gifts that aren't Star Wars related too!

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