10 of the Best Reusable Face Mask You Can Buy Online

We don’t need to stress the importance of reusable face masks. Having a reusable face mask or a few can keep you and your family safe whenever you step out of the house. Because of this, we’ve compiled a list of the best reusable face masks in the UK right now. The face masks below will keep you safe from others while you're out and about. So, let’s look at the best reusable face masks in the UK, shall we?

Weddingstar Washable and Reusable Face Mask


If you want a face mask with a bit of flair and style, you’ll love this face mask from Weddingstar. There are nearly 40 designs to choose from. You can choose a lovely and elegant flower face mask, a skull or a flag face mask. They are brilliant if you love to match your face mask to your outfit as they have lovely plain, but jazzy colours and plenty with awesome patterns too. 

Of course, this face mask also has plenty of protection too. It is made of five layers of cotton, and there is an insert sleeve for a filter too. The ear loops are adjustable as well so it suits any sized face. We love these face masks because they are built to last, and you’ll look great wearing them.

Hype Adult Black Knit Face Mask


This face mask from Hype will add a lot of style to your face with any outfit. The outside knit layer provides a very cool look to this mask, but the inside layers of it keep you safe. Thanks to the knitted outer layer of this mask, it feels very easy to breathe in this mask. It's also very comfortable thanks to the clever stitching that conforms to your face nicely. 

If you want to look great, get the protection you need and breath freely, this is a fantastic choice of face mask for you. Hype may have made a very cool mask here, but they have also thought about comfort and practicality too, and it shows.

MasksUK Nanotech Unisex Black Face Mask


This face mask has been really thought through. It’s made from three layers of cloth. The outer layer has excellent weather resistance that blocks droplets, dust and dirt from getting through to the inner layers. The inner layers are breathable, moisture-wicking cloth. So, if you need a face mask to wear all day, this is a fantastic choice. 

Not only is this face mask extremely comfortable thanks to the elastic ear loops. But they have also made sure that it keeps germs out and your face comfortable while still allowing you to breathe perfectly. For that reason, this face mask gets a serious thumb’s up!

Miii Duo Face Mask


This face mask offers some fantastic protection with its two layers of moisture-wicking material. They have a bamboo inner layer too that they have blended with charcoal to create a natural filter that happens to be gentle on the skin as well. 

The biggest reason that this face mask made our list, though are the straps. The straps are endlessly adjustable and very secure. However, they are also very comfortable as they don’t go round your ears, but your head instead. So, if you wear a face mask all day, this will keep you safe, while ensuring you are comfortable too. This is worth it for the filter alone, but the straps really seal the deal!

Maskari Reusable Polyester Face Mask


This face mask is a 3 layer mask. The layers have been thought through very nicely so this mask provides protection while still allowing you to breath and move around freely. This is an ideal face mask to keep in your pocket or bag. It is very small and compact, but it is nice and comfortable whenever it is on your face. 

These face masks are also made from knitted polyester, the type normally found in sports clothes. This means that this face mask conforms very nicely to your face and is perfect for jogging and other exercises. We also love the style of this face mask. It is understated and very cool!

Delfina Reusable Face Mask


This face covering has a lot of great features that make it very comfortable and practical too. Firstly, it has elastic loops that can be tailored to suit the wearer. It also has a piece of metal in the nose portion of the mask. This makes fitting the mask and making it comfortable really easy. Finally, it has a woven pocket for replaceable filters to keep you even safer. 

This face mask also has a lovely design, and there are various designs to choose from. So, it is safe, practical and very easy to tailor to the size of your face making it an excellent face mask in every way possible. Oh, and each face mask comes in a sealed bag for protection from the get-go.

Faril Reusable Face Masks With 10 Filters


Here we have more face masks with filters. You get two reusable face masks in this kit and 10 filters. Once again, the face masks can be adjusted to your face by tightening the ear loops. They are also stitched in such a way that they conform to your face really nicely, making them even more comfortable. 

However, the reason these face coverings made our list is because of the fantastic carbon filters that are included—these filter out a lot of nasty stuff. What’s more, unlike other face masks, these also come with a breathing value, making them the perfect mask if you wear glasses or don’t feel like you can breathe with a face mask on. Give these face masks a try if you want the best protection while being able to breathe freely.

Shatchi Three Layer Reusable Face Mask


While having a face mask with a filter is an excellent way of filtering out the nasty stuff, sometimes you want a face mask that is simple, easy and convenient. Well, this is the face mask for you. These reusable face masks have adjustable loops so anyone can wear them comfortably. They are also made from three layers of cotton, and so they offer loads of protection too. 

These do include an inner filter layer, but unlike the filters above, this layer isn’t removable. Instead, you wash the mask and wash the filter at the same time. You only get one face mask here, so buy a couple, so you always have a face mask ready to go when you are. The reason this face mask made our list, though is because it is so easy to tailor to your face. You can even jog with this face mask on, and it will stay in place and be very comfortable.

Dannii Matthews Reusable, Unisex Face Covering


Dannii Matthews has created a face covering here that is perfect for anyone that wants to look great but stay protected too. You have the choice of 7 colours of face mask all designed to fit your face comfortably while you’re out and about. These masks are made with cotton and polyethersulfone. This means that these face masks are really comfortable and conform to your face nicely while offering plenty of style points too. 

Dannii Matthews has really thought about the design of these face masks. They have added a piece of fabric to the bridge of the nose to ensure that the face mask conforms to the area of the face, but also stays comfortable for long periods too. Plus, the ear loops are made from the same material as the mask, and they are an integral part of the mask. So, this mask is strong, comfortable and stylish!

Leo Mancini Premium, Reusable Face Mask


This is our face mask of choice. We love the styling of the black mask as it is sleek yet offers plenty of protection too. These face masks look great with business attire and will make you look very fashion-forward on your way to the office. However, these face masks are also designed with comfort and protection in mind too. 

These are constructed with three layers of cotton that fit tightly to your face. Not so tightly that this face covering is uncomfortable, but tight enough to keep you protected. The Leo Mancini face mask also has adjustable toggles on very stretchy earloops and a nose wire for a comfortable and a close fit. So, this face mask is certainly one of the most trendy masks on this list, but it is also designed for the ultimate comfort and protection too!

We hope you found the perfect face mask on our list. Face coverings are a must in the world we live in. Still, that doesn’t mean your face masks has to be uncomfortable and unstylish! All of the face masks above are made for daily use with comfort and safety in mind.

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