8 of the Best Video Doorbells to Add Smart Security to Your Home

Video doorbells have come along way in recent years. You can easily set up a video doorbell and check who is at your door even if you aren’t at home. Whether you’re worried about the safety of an elderly relative or you want to protect your family home, a video doorbell is the perfect starting point. So, what are the best video doorbells in the UK that add security to your home? Well, we’re glad you ask. We’ve compiled a list of amazing video doorbells to add smart security to your home below!

Our picks for the Best Video Doorbells in the UK:

Ring Video Doorbell


Ring is an industry leader in smart doorbell tech. They have created very easy to use doorbells that can help you keep your home safe. With this doorbell, you can enjoy advanced motion detection that will alert you whenever someone comes onto your property. You can also see a clear live video thanks to the 1080p camera. Plus, this can link to other smart devices (like the Amazon Alexa) for even more control.

You can very quickly set this doorbell up to an app on your phone and see what is going on outside your home wherever you are. You can also talk to people and hear them as well. You will receive instant alerts whenever anyone is at your door too. All of the features of this Ring video doorbell make it a fantastic option for keeping your home safe.

GazingSure Video Doorbell


This GazingSure video doorbell is compatible with Alexa and Google Home devices. So, you can control this doorbell with your voice as well as your smartphone too. Set up is simple, and in no time you see who is at your door even when you aren’t at home. This video doorbell also features cloud storage and local storage too. So, you can record anyone at your door and have two places to secure the data of the conversation.

Speaking of, well, speaking. This video doorbell allows you to chat with anyone at your door. And this doorbell has a human body filter, so, no squirrels will be detected in the middle of the night! Finally, this doorbell is completely wireless, saving you time and confusion when installing. Just link it to your phone, and you are away. Plus, with quick charging, this video doorbell won’t be away from your door for too long when you need to charge it.

Wongkuo Video Doorbell


We really love this video doorbell because it takes all of the great features of wireless doorbells and throws in a video camera too. So, set up of this doorbell is very simple. Link it to your smartphone, stick it to your door and you’re done. However, you also get a plug-in chime box like a traditional wireless doorbell. So, if you’re at home and don’t have your phone in your pocket, you’ll still get a clear signal when someone is at your door.

This also has all of the great features of a video doorbell. Including cloud storage and advanced motion detection as well as real-time, clear video, two-way talk feature, night vision and more. For the price, this is a very impressive video doorbell that will keep your family safe even at night!

HeimVision Smart Video Doorbell


This is a video doorbell from the future in regards to its looks and its features. It looks like a doorbell that will be on every home in 50 years, yet it performs brilliantly right now! We are most impressed with the lighting of this video doorbell. It has an LED light and an infra-red too. The doorbell switches between these lights to make sure you have a clear picture even in the dead of night.

Of course, it also has two-way talk features, a great field of view and it also has one of the best battery life’s on the market too. This video doorbell can last up to 6 months between charges depending on how many visitors you have!

Ring Video Doorbell


This is a first-generation Ring video doorbell, but that doesn’t mean it’s not as good as the 2nd generation. Ring still stands by this doorbell and still provides support for it because they nailed this doorbell on the first try! Once again, this doorbell can be used with Alexa. It also has 1080p HD video, motion detection, two-way talk and a great deal more.

This smart doorbell is a hardwired unit, so it does take a bit more set up than wireless ones. However, you never need to charge this doorbell. So, if you’re concerned about wireless doorbells and keeping them charged, this is the smart doorbell for you.

Eufy Video Doorbell


So far, all of the video doorbells on our list have been 1080p. However, this doorbell beats them all out coming in at 2k. So, you can watch your front door and whoever is at it as clear as if you were there. Plus, this doorbell features an in-device AI designed for human detection, which it really needs. Because the sony camera in this doorbell is so clear, without the AI, it would detect any movement in your street!

Once again, this doorbell has all the features we’ve come to expect. Still, the video clarity makes it a very impressive bit of home security kit. It's also very easy to set up. In a few minutes, you’ll have home security so clear that you’ll be able to see exactly what is happening at your front door.

CHWARES Video Doorbell


CHWARES have really nailed the designed and functionality of this doorbell. Firstly, this video doorbell is a one time purchase that comes with free cloud storage. When you hit record on their easy to use app, the video doorbell records every moment and then sends it instantly to the cloud for free.

That alone would make this video doorbell a fantastic piece of kit. However, it is also HD, comes with all of the features a video doorbell must have and it is weather-resistant too. Finally, just to top it off, it has night vision for the ultimate video security at your front door! Oh, and it’s simple to install, and the doorbell batteries last for three months!

Arlo Video Doorbell


This is another video doorbell that works with Alexa. It has HD video, two-way audio, motion detection, night vision. It can be installed using your current doorbell wiring system too. What we love about this video doorbell, though, is that it has a siren. If you get an alert that someone is at your door, you can have a chat with them. If you ask them to leave and they don’t, you can use the siren. The siren is loud enough to attract attention from neighbours and really scare anyone enough that they will leave.

We’d recommend this video doorbell for anyone with elderly relatives. With this doorbell, you can see clearly who is at their door and then get them to leave with the siren if you need to. Installation of this video doorbell is a bit more complex, but it is certainly worth it.

We hope this look at video doorbells have helped you with your home security. For more information about home security and other amazing products that will keep your home safe, please explore our website further.

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