The 10 Best Kitchen Gadgets to Save You Time and Money

Saving time in the kitchen is so important nowadays. We all live hectic lives, and time in the kitchen is extremely valuable. Getting caught in the trap of getting a takeaway every night isn't good for your health, and it certainly isn't great for your wallet either. So, with these kitchen utensils and gadgets, you can save time and money. Prepping your meals is a real time saver and it saves money too. Plus, you can buy beautiful ingredients and use them. Rather than reaching into the takeaway menu drawer each night. So, here are the best kitchen gadgets to save you time and money.

Our picks for the 10 best kitchen utensils and gadgets that can save you time and money:

MPS Cheese Grater and Zester


This is probably one of the simplest kitchen gadgets on our list, but it’s one of the handiest too. This is basically a cheese grater that is nice and compact yet has some of the sharpest teeth known to man. This cheese grater can also be used as zester too. You can also use it for garlic, ginger, nutmeg and loads more.

What we love about this grater is how compact it is. Most cheese graters are huge, and you only ever use the one side with the big holes. With this cheese grater, you have a small, robust tool that is fit for loads of jobs in the kitchen. You will reach for this grater whether you are baking or cooking up a storm and for that reason, it will save you a lot of time and money in the kitchen.

Joseph Joseph Uni-tool – a 5 in 1 Kitchen Utensil


Once you use this uni-tool once or twice, you will never look at your other kitchen utensils in the same way. This utensil includes a slotted spoon, a spatula, cutting tool, solid spoon and a turner. You can use this uni-tool to measure things, cut things, flip things and even strain things in a pinch. However, it is also nice and compact too. So, you can replace five utensils with one that takes up barely any space.

The thing we love about this uni-tool the most though is that it is designed to be used with non-stick coatings. It is soft enough so that it won't damage your cookware yet robust enough to ensure that you can handle most foods. The fact that you don't have to reach for lots of different tools while cooking makes this uni-tool a real time saver. Plus, you only need one utensil for a host of jobs, so it's great for your wallet too!

Breville Hot Water Dispenser


I think most of us agree that kettles that far too long to boil. When I make a coffee, I really do not enjoy waiting for the kettle. I want my coffee there and then and this hot water dispenser from Breville solves this perfectly. It can boil water in under 50 seconds, making waiting for your morning coffee a thing of the past.

It also has a 1.5-litre water tank that holds about 7 cups of water. So, it has loads more uses than just brewing your morning coffee. If you don't have the time to wait for your kettle to boil, I urge you to get this kitchen gadget. It has been a lifesaver (fast coffee is a lifesaver) in my home and could be in yours too.

Instant Pot 7 in 1 pressure cooker


Pressure cookers are a fantastic kitchen tool for saving time and money. Firstly, you can use a pressure cooker for cooking amazing meals that would normally take a slow cooker eight hours or so in just a few hours. However, this pressure cooker also has loads of settings to help with so many cooking tasks. Want to serve rice with a meal? Use the pressure cooker and enjoy rice in 7 minutes. Want to slow cook something throughout the day, use the pressure cooker.

You can use this pressure cooker for porridge, steaming veg, making chilli, soup and more. Pressure cookers are such a valuable, time and money saver in the kitchen that you'll be surprised that you were ever able to cook meals without one once you've mastered using it!

Mandolin Slicer 11 in 1


Mandolin slicers have been around for years, but none come close to this awesome kitchen gadget. With this mandolin slicer, you can chop onions and garlic for a shepherd's pie. You can also use it to cut up a side salad and use it to prepare carrots as a side too. But there's more. You can use this mandolin slicer to make crisps, a beautiful fruit salad and grated cheese too.

Mandolin slicers are a fantastic gadget for time-saving in the kitchen. Every operation that a mandolin does is fast and efficient. Still, we chose this mandolin slicer because of the additional blades, cleaning brush and handguard that makes this one safer, easier and even more efficient.

CherryTreeHouse 4 in 1 Bamboo chopping board


How can a chopping board save you time and money? Well, this amazing chopping board has a measuring scale on it perfect for bakers. It also has phone holder making following recipes really easy. Finally, this chopping board has a pull out weighing scale making meal prep so simple. Plus, the pull out section can also be used to clean the chopping board, meaning you can chop more stuff and then transfer what you've chopped into a pan.

So, whether you're meal prepping, baking or just following a recipe, this 4 in 1 chopping board can help you out massively. Everything about this chopping board is about saving time in the kitchen, and it is a must-have kitchen tool for busy people.

Food Vacuum Sealer


Food vacuum sealers are a fantastic tool for saving money in the kitchen. You can prep batches of veg or fresh meat very easily with one of these. However, because the vacuum sealer draws all of the air out of the bag, your prepped meals won't take up anywhere near the space as they do now. So, this kitchen gadget can save you space.

However, it can also save you money as you don't need to buy pre-sliced veg or pre-seasoned meats. You can season your meat and then vacuum seal it for whenever you need it. When you want to use your meat or veg, you can steam it right in the bag, or cut it open and fry it to perfection.

Joseph Joseph Palm Scrubber


This amazing palm scrubber saves so much time and money while washing up that it is a must-have in any kitchen with or without a dishwasher. Just fill up the reservoir with your favourite washing up liquid, press the button and you'll get just the right amount of washing up liquid to wash your dishes.

This scrubber made our list because the bristles on the brush are nice and strong, yet they won't damage non-stick coatings or ceramic plates. It is very easy to use but will save you so much time and a bit of money when you're washing up!

AnySharp Knife Sharpener


This knife sharpener has got to be the best kitchen gadget that's been invented in the last decade or so. With this knife sharpener, you won't have to buy new knives for years. A great way to save time in the kitchen is to use sharp knives, it is also a lot safer to use sharp knives too.

With this amazing knife sharpener, you just run the knife through it a few times, and you have a sharp knife. It sounds unrealistic, but AnySharp is really that simple. You'll have a sharp edge on your knife in no time, and you can prepare food very quickly and safely. This is a must-have kitchen tool for chefs who wants to save time and money.

Leifheit Comfortline Foil and Cling Film holder


Battling with cling film when I am trying to cover something up has got to be my biggest kitchen pet peeve. I love seasoning meats and leaving them to soak in that seasoning, but I hate the tangled fight that I have with cling film each time I do it. This foil and cling film holder solves this issue. It makes it nice and easy to cut cling film and foil.

Plus, it also has a kitchen towel holder, a tape dispenser and a little drawer that is perfect for food bags or clips. This will organise so many of your kitchen consumables and make using them really simple too.

We hope you've found the best kitchen gadgets to save you time and money in the kitchen. Please explore our website for more kitchen gadgets and utensils that will save you a lot of hassle in the kitchen.

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