The Best Filter Kettles on Amazon

I am a massive fan of filter kettles. Having owned a filter kettle for a while now, I will never go back to a normal kettle. We have the best filter kettles available on Amazon right now below, along with a bit of curveball that I think many of you will love. Just before we get to the filter kettles, though, let me explain why I love my filter kettle a bit more.

Benefits Of Using A Filter Kettle

Takes less time to boil

If you’re using your filter water jug to top up your kettle at the moment, and, like me, you keep your water jug in the fridge, you’ll know that this adds time on to the boiling process. Now, I have struggled with cheaper kettles for many years because of how long they take to boil. So, while having filtered water in my kettle was great, I couldn’t deal with how long it took the thing to make me a cuppa. So, I switched to a filter kettle, and now I am at peace with my kettle. Also, because most filter kettles will boil as they filter, the water is topped up and ready to go each time you use it.

Reduces the limescale

I don’t live in a particularly hard-water area. However, even still, my older kettles were growing some quite impressive stalagmites by the end of their life. With a filter kettle, you don’t have that problem. Brita filters take away all of the impurities from your tap water, and they remove the metals too. So, limescale is never an issue. Your filter will work hard for you and ensure that your kettle doesn’t get riddled with limescale throughout its life. To me, this makes having a filter kettle vital.

Your cuppa taste better

If you have a filter water jug already then, you’ll know how good the water tastes from it. However, having that amazing water in your kettle too just makes the world a better place. A coffee tastes fantastic, but it always amazes me how incredible tea tastes from my filter kettle. For any tea drinker reading this, I urge you to get one of the amazing filter kettles on our list, it will change your life!

Our Picks for the Best Filter Kettles on Amazon

Russell Hobbs Brita Filter Kettle


If filtering the water that you are boiling is a big concern of yours, this is an excellent kettle to get. It has an indicator showing when the Brita filter needs to be changed. It also makes it very easy to change the filter. Just lift up the lid, remove the old filter and replace it with a fresh one, it is as simple as that to get beautifully filtered water for your tea and coffee.

This kettle can hold of 1.5 litres of water too so you can boil all the water you need. Plus, it is a 3000-watt kettle, so it boils quickly, another must-have for a kettle if you ask me. Along with the Brita filter for freshwater, it also has a limescale filter that is removable and washable. Finally, Russell Hobbs gives you a 2-year warranty with this kettle, but if you register it online, they’ll give another year for free. So, this is a kettle built to last and provide fresh water while it’s in your kitchen.

Morphy Richards Brita Filter Kettle


This kettle boils and filters at the time. At max capacity, you can boil 6 cups of fresh water at once, but the kettle can hold 1.5 litres of water. So, as you boil water and top up your cuppa, the kettle is topping up the water with fresh, filtered water from the Brita filter. This kettle is designed like this to make it easy and quick to get the freshest water possible.

Once again, this has a handy electronic indicator that lets you know when the filter is running low. It is very quick and easy to change too. Plus it has a 360-degree swivel like a normal kettle too. Once again, this kettle is 3000 watts, so boiling water doesn’t take too long either. Still, because you are filtering and boiling at the same time, it is actually faster than some other filter kettles on the market.

Breville Brita Filter Kettle


Not only does this kettle filter out all of the impurities in your tap water, but it also looks great too. We know that a kettle looking nice isn’t too important, but having a nice-looking kettle that does a fantastic job isn’t a bad thing either. Once again, this kettle filters and boils at the same time so you can fill this kettle in the morning and enjoy fresh, filtered water for your coffee or tea extremely quickly.

Depending on how much you use your kettle, the filters will last for ages too. This kettle also has a handy indicator that tells you when to change the filter, and it takes Brita Maxtra filters which are widely available. Finally, this kettle is, once again, a 3000-watt model, so it boils quickly as it filters out the impurities. So, combine the filtering aspects of this kettle and the lovely design, and you have a great kettle for any modern kitchen here.

Russell Hobbs Brita Filter Kettle – 1.5-Litre


I know I said I liked the kettle above because of its design, but I think this Russell Hobbs kettle just beats it out on the design. The fit and finish of this kettle is really nice, and it wouldn’t look out of place in the most modern of kitchens. What’s more, it has all of the great benefits of filtered water too. This kettle takes the Brita Maxtra filters and filters and boils too. It is also 3000 watts, so it is nice and fast.

The reason this amazing kettle made our list is primarily the design, I can’t get enough of it. Well, that and I have this filter kettle and absolutely love it. It is a bit sleeker than the other kettles on our list, and it works perfectly. The filter in the other kettles is above the waterline, and this means that they stand quite tall. This kettle incorporates the filter into the water chamber, so it’s a bit more compact. So, whether you have a modern kitchen and want a kettle that looks incredible. Or you have a smaller kitchen and don’t want a kettle that takes up too much space. This filter kettle is a great option!

Breville Brita Filter Hot Water Dispenser


Finally, we have a kettle that isn’t a kettle on a list about filter kettles. Don’t worry, this fantastic hot water dispenser does filter the water that you put in it with Brita filters. However, it is designed to be extremely quick at boiling water. The idea with this hot water dispenser is that it only boils the water you need. So, it will boil a cup of water pretty much instantly while it filters the rest of the water.

This is the perfect hot water dispenser for anyone that may struggle to lift a full kettle. If you want a loved one to stay safe in the kitchen, this is a great option. They take the mug to the machine and not the kettle to the mug. Plus, Breville has designed this hot water dispenser to be extremely easy to use. One touch of a button and you have enough hot water for a cup. Another touch stops the water coming out. It makes fresh and filtered boiling water that is, most importantly, extremely safe.

Don’t forget the filters! 

Brita Maxtra+ Filters


All of the kettles and even the awesome hot water dispenser above takes the Brita Maxtra+ filters. You can get the filters in various sized packs, but I prefer the six-pack. I don’t have a massive kitchen so I can just about store 4 filters comfortably. I use the other filter in the Brita water jug in the fridge. However, they do have packs of up to 30 of these water filters too. 

The way these filters work way, by the way, is by using Micro Carbon Pearls that filter out the impurities and chlorine in the water. They also have Ion Exchange Pearls that permanently absorb copper and lead from the water. These not only ensure you aren’t drinking metal but also greatly reduce limescale too. Each filter will last roughly about four weeks, but it depends on how many cuppas you have a day!

So, there are the best filter kettles available right now. I love having a filter kettle. As I explained above, I drink a lot of coffee and tea, but I also drink a lot of fresh water too. So, I like to keep the Brita filter jug in the fridge full for a glass of water every couple of hours. Having the filter kettle means that the water boils faster, and my cups of tea and coffee taste incredible. We hope you’ve found the best filter kettle for you on our list. For more amazing kitchen appliances and gadgets, please explore our website further. We have loads of kitchen appliances on here that are just as awesome as these filter kettles.

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